The benefits of water softened with Nobisan products

Energy savings and improved cleaning with Nobisan solutions

Nobisan water softeners solve, once and for all, the problems that stem from the harmful effects hard water causes, and thus become "THE MAIN TECHNOLOGY" for the home.

Here are some of the benefits that come from installing a water softener:

  • By eliminating 1 mm of limescale, you get a reduction in energy consumption equal to about 15 percent.
  • As they are no longer subject to fouling, pipes, water heaters and heating systems are no longer in danger of overheating, and thus their performance and safety is optimised, along with protection over time.
  • Soap and detergent savings of up to 70 percent.
  • Cleaner and softer fabrics. Whiteness increases by up to 30 percent.
  • Washing machines no longer have limescale-encrusted filters and tubing, and dishwashers no longer need polishing or de-scaling agent which can stay on dishes and then get ingested.
  • There is no longer any need to rinse dishes, glasses, pans, silverware or the car, because calcium deposits no longer exist.
  • The aroma of coffee, tea and soup is improved, vegetables retain their natural appearance and fragrance, and dried peas swell better when cooked.
  • Bathtubs, sinks and taps are no longer opaque, but cleaner and brighter.
  • Men find wet shaving easier, and razor blades last longer.
  • Skin becomes soft and velvety, hair becomes more shiny and easier to style.
  • Damage to the environment is drastically reduced, because less detergents, brighteners, fabric softeners and other chemicals are used.
  • The economic benefits that result from using softened water far exceed the modest cost of softeners.
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