Swimming pool construction and sale of accessories

Nobisan designs and constructs public and residential swimming pools

Roman pools

In addition to covering everything connected with water treatment, Nobisan has the advantage of a lengthy experience and profound technical expertise in the field of swimming pool construction. The Modena company (which also operates in Bologna and Reggio Emilia) can provide a complete, professional service, including carrying out measurements, construction, sales and technical assistance for all types of swimming pools, below or above ground.

Thanks to its capabilities, Nobisan can build swimming pools above or below ground, from exclusive designs in different shapes, sizes and depths. It also supplies a wide range of products for swimming pool maintenance, along with accessories, such as:

  • water filters
  • automatic cleaners
  • isothermal covers for winter
  • solar showers
  • ladders and trampolines
  • dosage and monitoring systems for chemical products
  • heating systems

Nobisan builds public swimming pools as well as residential pools serving sports centres, wellness centres and hotels, and offering a variety of pool models with a wide range of customisation options, according to the space available and specific requirements. Solid, durable and manufactured using innovative technologies and advanced materials, Nobisan pools are the top of the range in today's market.

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