Legislation and standards for water treatment

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The following laws and standards govern the treatment of water:

  • Act 46-1990 on the safety of installations:article 7 lays down the obligation to run systems to perfection, with materials that comply with theUNI standard.
  • Act 10-1991 on energy saving: article 6 requires designers, installers, service centres and the owners of water heating systems to adapt all of their systems to conform with the UNI standard.
  • STANDARD UNI-CTI 8065:all waterheating systems must be fitted with specific treatment systems for optimising performance and safety, conserve them over time and reduce energy consumption. All heating systems, including those installed before this legislation came into force, must be adapted to meet the UNI-CTI 8065 standard to avoid incurring the heavy fines it laid down. Even water-heating systems installed before this legislation came into force have to be adapted to the UNI-CTI 8065 standard.
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