Filtration for drinking water from Nobisan

Manufacture of cartridge filters; high quality and guaranteed results

Filtration is essential, even for drinking water, as it often contain insoluble substances like sand, clay and silt, and almost always contains chlorine too, which is a chemical element that's particularly harmful to the human body. Nobisan filter cartridges are a great way of solving this problem, by supplying perfectly clear water, free of substances in suspension. Nobisan filters can also be loaded with Activated Plant Carbon (coconut shells) for retaining odours, dyes, flavourings, pesticides, detergents, and traces of naphtha and chlorine - substances that are harmful to human health.

After installation, Nobisan filters require no maintenance, apart from cleaning or replacing the filter cartridges. Built with the latest technologies and with absolutely non-toxic materials, we guarantee a high quality product, with excellent mechanical resistance and ageing, in compliance with current EEC standards. For higher flows, we make automatic and semi-automatic filters, using minerals like: Barite, Anthracite and Activated Plant Carbon.

Although very important, due attention is never paid to filtration, which, in addition to retaining solid foreign bodies (sand-silt-clay, etc.), prevents two corrosion phenomena in hydraulic circuits. The first is simply corrosive abrasion, due to these solid foreign bodies passing through the pipes. The second, and much more dangerous, is chemical in nature and takes place when these solid foreign bodies are deposited into bends, or other parts of the hydraulic circuit. Their deposition creates areas with a potential difference, thereby establishing a stack effect with consequent perforation of the pipeline.

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