The treatment of mains water from Nobisan

Design and construction of wastewater treatment

Water treatment Modena

Water purification is a set of chemical, physical and biological treatments aimed at removing the polluting substances or foreign bodies it contains. It is achieved by means of special installations for water treatment such as, for example, reverse osmosis plants, filters, softeners, the use of which is subject to a very robust legislative framework. The regulations concerning the purification and treatment of water provide manufacturers with an effective method of testing of their systems, and guarantee quality and safety for the customers.

Nobisan srl of Modena is one of the biggest companies in the field of water treatment, and is a firm that has taken a pride in designing and manufacturing specialist equipment since 1960. Our systems:

  • comply with current standards
  • are accompanied by an instruction booklet
  • fulfill the declarations of compliance
  • are built according to environmental sustainability criteria, ensuring a high-level of performance throughout
  • their entire life cycle

The staff of Nobisan srl are available to provide customers with personalised information and advice on civil and industrial water purification issues.

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